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La Pucelle

My story on Jehanne d’Arc has finally been published! I’m excited about this one. I have loved Jehanne for years. I was supposed to go on a pilgrimage to France this month, visiting various places associated with her, but due to some health issues, I had to cancel. This is the next best thing, though!

Also exciting: the publisher has invited me to submit any historical fiction novel manuscripts to them. They don’t take unsolicited mss, so I was honored to receive that offer. They’re very selective about what they choose to publish. I don’t have an historical novel manuscript, but I’d love to write one concerning Jehanne. They don’t have that in their catalog (and they love her almost as much as I do).

Jehanne d’Arc

Jehanne d’Arc

The 2019 issue of The Tarpeian Rock is available here. “La Pucelle” is one of the stories available online, here.