The Realms of Talithia


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Sometimes a place.  At times throughout its history, Talithia has been found on a map, but it transcends its geography, for borders shift and kingdoms rise and fall with the tides—yet Talithia remains.
Often a people.  Talithia would not exist without its people, though they have been scattered over time through all the world.  But people can be fickle and faithless, blowing about like leaves on the wind, and Talithia has seen its share of betrayal.  And, yet, be its people faithful or false, it remains.
Always a choice.  Above geography, above humanity, Talithia is a choice.  A choice for good when evil abounds.  A choice for kindness in the face of disdain.  A choice for right though it brings certain defeat.  In days of darkness, when we catch only faint glimpses of the light on a faraway shore, wherever exist those who choose sacrifice over safety, Talithia remains.