The Realms of Talithia




Talithia is governed by its Guardians -- enormous, black, panther-like creatures who communicate telepathically and who have been sent by the Lady to rule over her people.  Many of the surrounding kingdoms keep their distance, but one, led by an evil queen who covets their rich land, attacks. After bitter fighting in which Arnon, a peaceful farmer, emerges as a leader, the Talithians realize they will never have peace if they remain.

Together with the Guardians, Arnon leads his countrymen to a temporary refuge offered by a sympathetic king, but they cannot remain, for King Orontes faces his own problems. Instead, he offers his ships to carry them to untamed lands far away. Now Arnon must decide if the freedom of Talithia is worth leaving the only home he has ever known.

Arnon was originally published as a standalone novella by Uncial Press.