The Realms of Talithia




197 BFT*  Upon Glassy Streams

15 BFT  Gedran Mage War

0  Founding of Talithia

186 AFT*  Where Light in Darkness Lies

273 AFT  Arnon

283 AFT  Overthrow of Talithia, and the establishment of the rival kingdoms of Arnon and Shansor

333 AFT  The Secret Treasons of the World

716 AFT Hide Fox, And All After

752 AFT  Alberin

1206 AFT  To Tread Upon Kings (novel duology)

1258 AFT  The Uncouth Forest

1260 AFT  Mareyn

1402 AFT  Charms O’erthrown

1764 AFT  Seven Hundred Pounds and Possibilities

1764 AFT  Echoes from the Hollow Earth

1987 AFT  To Show Herself Courageous

2001 AFT  Leaves Against a Northern Wind

2006 AFT  To Trace the Forest Wild

*Before/After the Founding of Talithia