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Resources for medieval research

last updated December 3, 2018


Medieval Digital Resources. A curated database of peer-reviewed digital materials for the study of the Middle Ages. Some of the links found here may also be listed below. From the Medieval Academy of America. Link to the database by subject headings.

Stefan's Florilegium. For the past 28 years, THLord Stefan li Rous of Ansteorra has compiled “bits of useful information from various newsgroups, mail lists, facebook groups, and articles” whose authors have given him permission to publish on his site. If you are researching any topic in the medieval world, this is an excellent resource.

Regia Anglorum. Authentic re-creators of the history of the Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Welsh and Norman people from AD950-1066. They have an extensive library of resources.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook. A comprehensive collection of sources of information concerning the middle ages. Hosted by Fordham University.

Rosalie’s Medieval Woman. A collection of articles on all things medieval as it pertains to women.

Tha Engliscan Gesithas. A comprehensive focus on Anglo-Saxon England.

The Labyrinth. A comprehensive collection of online resources for medieval studies.

Online Medieval Sources Bibliography. An annotated bibliography of printed and online primary sources for the Middle Ages. Created by the Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University.

Menestrel: Medievalists on the Web. French/English site.


Medieval Cookery. Online cookbooks from the middle ages.

Gode Cookery. Online site for medieval recipes.

How to Throw a Medieval Feast. The title says it all.


Great People of the Medieval Era. Blog by Josue Wigornensis.


Book: Medieval Wordbook : More Than 4,000 Terms and Expressions From Medieval Culture

Book: Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing

The Online Medieval & Classical Library. A collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.


Book: Medieval Herbal Remedies: The Old English Herbarium and Anglo-Saxon Medicine

Book: Leechcraft: Early English Charms, Plant-Lore and Healing

Book: The Trotula: An English Translation of the Medieval Compendium of Women's Medicine

Women’s Hygiene in Tudor England

The Lady in Red: Medieval Menstruation (additional scholarly links in comments)


Book: Marriage in Medieval England: Law, Literature and Practice


Book: Bede: The Reckoning of Time.


Book: The Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry.