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The Book of Thyme

Although most of what I write is set in the realms of Talithia, there are a few stories that are not (at least, not directly). I have these listed under Other Worlds in the Menu bar. They include a medieval fantasy story, a work of historical fiction, works in a collaborative universe, and a contemporary fantasy.

The Book of Thyme Cover.KC.jpg

“The Book of Thyme” is my contemporary fantasy, and winner of the first Harris Burdick contest held by Heather L. L. Fitzgerald. Though it’s contemporary fantasy, it has ties to Talithia. The epic poem mentioned in the story was a favorite of Queen Carwyn, mother to Lady Aeodhan from My Lady. “The Book of Thyme” is the first story to feature the mysterious, eponymous book (I’m planning a series), and is available as a free download from this site in either .epub or .mobi format (totally free . . . no need to sign up for anything to download it).