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I hate Facebook

I attempted to log into FB a few days ago and was presented with the message that FB was performing maintenance on the database where my account was stored, and to log back in a “couple of minutes.”

Okay, fine. No problem. When I tried logging in a couple of minutes later, however, FB locked down my account for “suspicious activity.”

Are you kidding me??

In order to unlock it, I had two option: identify comments I had made in the past three months or log in from a different computer or mobile device I had used before to access the account. Given that I am far from home at the moment due to a family emergency, I don’t have access to my other computer (nor do I have a smartphone), I chose to identify comments.

I’m only on FB to follow certain groups to which I belong (various medieval groups, a prayer group, writing group, etc.), so my comments aren’t many, and I know what I’ve said. I identified the four comments out of the group of twelve or so and clicked the button to proceed.

Nope. FB said I got them wrong. I didn’t, but I tried it again, and this time, the comments had personal names, etc. in them that could only be mine.

Again, FB said I got them wrong, and wouldn’t let me try a third time. My only option was to log in from a different computer—which, as I mentioned, is nowhere near me at the moment.

I changed my password, proving that I am, in fact, me, but that didn’t matter. I still couldn’t log in.

And here’s the kicker. Facebook has no customer service. None. No phone number. No email. Nothing. (Which only goes to further prove that we are FB’s product, not their customers.) They have a help page and forum, but it’s not staffed by anyone who can actually help you, AND YOU HAVE TO BE LOGGED IN TO USE IT!!!!! So what are people in my predicament to do?

Take a break from FB, I guess. I’ve done it before for weeks at a time, so it’s not a big deal. But it was always my choice.

Seriously, FB, you suck. I did exactly what you told me to do, and you locked me out of my account.


J. L. RowanComment